Caring Santa Visits

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Sunday, December 1, 2019South Hills Village

Sunday, December 8, 2019 – Monroeville & Westmoreland Malls
(Photos By Cherry Hill)

Autism Connection of PA has teamed up with local malls to provide Autism Family Photo Time with Santa.  The mall will be closed to the public so that our children with autism may have the opportunity to meet Santa in a less stimulating environment.

Sensory Sensitive Polar PJ Party

Children and families can enjoy holiday fun with a classic film in their pajamas! Before seeing the film, guests will enjoy a hot chocolate bar with liquid nitrogen frozen marshmallows and a light breakfast snack, make-and-take activities, Buhl Planetarium’s Stars Over the North Pole show, all four floors of Science Center exhibits, and the chance to take photos with Santa. This event takes place on Saturday, November 30 and Saturday, December 14 both from 8:30 am – 12 pm.
Tickets can be purchased by contacting Carnegie Science Center at 412.237.3400 or purchasing online at This event is made possible with support from the Jack Buncher Foundation.

50 Reasons why an Autistic Adult may be in a Bad Mood

Pete Wharmby lists 50 reasons an autistic person might be in a bad mood, even if sensory issues, alexithymia, or being non-speaking (even if temporarily) can make it difficult to communicate.

Source: 50 Reasons why an Autistic Adult may be in a Bad Mood

26 Days of what I am thankful for:

At the end of last month, a local charity in the town I live in had sheets in their offices for the taking for citizens to write down what you are thankful for that starts with the letter of that day starting with the day in November and that corresponding letter of the alphabet (ex. 1 – A, 26 – Z) Today was the last day and I thought of sharing mine with my blog followers

  • Apartment
  • Blogging capabilities, plus those fellow Aspies that Blog
  • Co-workers that I get along with
  • Delivery of Groceries so I don’t have to fight anxiety of shopping
  • Electricity Help all year, especially in the winter months
  • Food Pantry
  • Guidance from others
  • Health and the Hospital supports that help me keep healthy
  • Internet
  • Job
  • Keys
  • Listening supports
  • Mom, makes life sensible and understandable
  • Neighbors in my apartment building that care
  • Outstanding Coworkers, Community and Supports
  • Positive Influences
  • Quietness of my home
  • Recovery Supports that help me, Clubhouse, Outpatient, Mobile Psych Rehab
  • Staff who support me in my Recovery Journey
  • Transportation Supports
  • Understanding from those around me
  • Validation for accepting my issues
  • Work that I enjoy
  • Xerox Machines at Work and Clubhouse
  • Young at Heart and still able to navigate as well as I do
  • Zero Mental Health Hospitalizations in 20 years

I do something unexpected

Then and Now Through an Aspergers Eye

Hi so I wasn’t initially going to do a second post today but this came to me.

I attend as many of you know a number of open mic nights for poets and comedians. We also get musicians and other variations. So there one other in Byker each third Tuesday called Babble Gum. It’s a great event and I’ve actually had the honour of doing a full set there which was awesome. So I’m there this Tuesday and I do open mic and it goes well, there also a very talented musician on who I know so it’s a goo night. After the break there a comedian he’s fairly funny a lot of tongue and cheek. At one point he starts a joke using lines from a song”big fish little, fish cardboard box..”
Then I say “We’re all raving mad!!”
Pause “Excuse me” he asks clearly surprised
“I just like…

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