Top Songs Played of 2019

  1. Muse / Undisclosed Desires
  2. Cold War Kids / First
  3. Starset / Monster
  4. Jewel / Intuition
  5. Jay Z & Linkin Park / Points of Authority – 99 Problems – One Step Closer
  6. City High / Caramel [feat. Eve]
  7. Lady Gaga / Paper Gansta
  8. Linkin Park / Until it Breaks
  9. Deee Lite / Groove is in the Heart
  10. Lorde / Tennis Court
  11. 50 Cent / 21 Questions
  12. Depeche Mode / Policy of Truth
  13. Starset / Last to Fall
  14. Starset / Satelitte
  15. Atlas Genius / Trojans
  16. Starset / Riccohet
  17. Linkin Park / X-Ecutioner Style (Feat. Thought)
  18. Starset / Die For You
  19. Jay Z & Linkin Park / Dirt off Your Shoulder – Lying from You
  20. Oliver Tree Hurt
  21. Mary J. Blige / Rainy Dayz (feat. Ja Rule)
  22. Mairlyn Manson / Kill4Me
  23. Lovelytheband / Pity Party
  24. Bring Me The Horizon / Throne
  25. OK Go / Get Over It
  26. Linkin Park / In The End
  27. Selena Gomez / Revival
  28. Lady Gaga / I Like It Rough
  29. Linkin Park / Until Its Gone
  30. Bear Hands / Giants
  31. Starset / Everglow
  32. Linkin Park / One Step Closer
  33. The Bloodhound Gang / The Bad Touch
  34. Fitz & The Tantrums / Out of my League
  35. M83 / Midnight City
  36.  The Chainsmokers & Coldplay / Something Just Like This
  37. Linkin Park / Runaway
  38. Linkin Park / Points of Authority
  39. Drowning Pool / Tear Away
  40. Linkin Park / Blackout
  41. Katy Perry / Wide Awake
  42. Starset / Back to the Earth
  43. Linkin Park / Crawling
  44. Linkin Park / Papercut
  45. Linkin Park / With You
  46. Jay Z & Linkin Park / Big Pimpin’ – Papercut
  47. Imagine Dragons / Natural
  48. Deftones / Lucky You
  49. Linkin Park / By Myself
  50. Jay-Z / 99 Problems
  51. Jay-Z & Linkin Park / Numb – Encore
  52. Milky Chance / Stolen Dance
  53. Deftones / Good Morning Beautiful
  54. Linkin Park / A Place for My Head
  55. Selena Gomez / Survivors
  56. Linkin Park / Somewhere I Belong
  57. Linkin Park / Cure For The Itch
  58. Linkin Park / Pushing Me Away
  59. Yellowcard / Back Home
  60. Jay Z & Linkin Park / Jigga What – Faint
  61. Linkin Park / Don’t Stay
  62. Chevelle Comfortable Liar
  63. Linkin Park / My December
  64. Linkin Park / Faint
  65. Linkin Park / Wretches and Kings
  66. Selena Gomez / Kill Em with Kindness
  67. Linkin Park / Easier to Run
  68. Chevelle / The Red
  69. AWOLNATION / Sail
  70. Linkin Park / High Voltage
  71. Linkin Park / Hit The Floor
  72. Lovelytheband / These are my friends
  73. Jay Z & Linkin Park / Izzo – In the End
  74. Linkin Park / Lying From You
  75. Linkin Park / Breaking the Habit
  76. Linkin Park / Papercut (Live at Yalding House, London England 1/12/2001)
  77. Pet Shop Boys / West End Girls
  78. Lady Gaga / Summerboy
  79. Linkin Park / Forgotten
  80. Beck / Where It’s At
  81. Selena Gomez / Hands to Myself
  82. Linkin Park / Figure.09
  83. Linkin Park / Numb
  84. Chevelle / Closure
  85. The Weeknd / I Feel It Coming
  86. Deftones / Digital Bath
  87. Taylor Swift / Blank Space
  88. Lovelytheband / Broken
  89. Papa Roach / Elevate
  90. Linkin Park / From the Inside
  91. Selena Gomez / Same Old Love
  92. Deftones / Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  93. The Judds / Turn It Loose
  94. Staind / Reality
  95. Selena Gomez / Good For You (feat. A&AP Rocky)
  96. Linkin Park / Nobody’s Listening
  97. Beenie Man / Feel It Bit (feat. Janet Jackson)

Autism Awareness and education.

Our Autism Blog

Something is worrying me.
I have had messages from a Mum worried about her son.
Her son has a diagnosis of Autism.

Her son, in short, is being bullied because of his diagnosis.
Not because of how it makes him, how he portrays himself or who he is, but because he has Autism.

The bullies have taken the diagnosis and are using it to namecall and degrade him.

My heart aches….
….not just for her son, but also for the bullies.

The bullies are children.
Children who haven’t been educated about Autism.
They are not Autism aware.

If you had asked me, 10 years ago, if I would have sat my children down and explained the basics of Autism to them, the answer probably would have been no.
I didn’t know better.
I had no experience of Autism, I didn’t know anyone who had it, I didn’t know my children…

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My Annual Christmas Blues

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

Well, this is a pickle. I thought they would not come this year. After all, it’s not like I miss anyone who never calls, writes or sends anything.

But here I was, boohooing over the fact that relatives geographically close to my mother and me never even called or sent a Christmas card. I would love to pin those cards on full display around the kitchen doorway, on full display as I did in years past.

Why do I even worry or want to beg for love and affection from people who have none to give me?

My mother has her own way of dealing with these feelings of loneliness: she’s not going to hold a funeral. The logic is this: who would come? Or, who can really say goodbye when they never really said hello? She often says: “You don’t come when I’m alive, so don’t come when I’m…

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Video shows North Carolina school resource officer slamming and dragging 11-year-old boy

(CNN)A North Carolina school resource officer seen on video slamming an 11-year-old boy to the ground has been fired, according to Lt. James Goolsby with the Vance County Sheriff’s Office.The video shows the Vance County Middle School resource officer grabbing and slamming the child to the ground, then picking him up and doing it again before yanking the child up and continuing to walk down the hall. The school alerted the sheriff’s office minutes after the incident on Thursday.”It’s obvious that the child was assaulted,” Jason Spriggs, Henderson City Council member, said in a Facebook Live video. Henderson is the county seat for Vance.”To see this is just horrifying,” Spriggs said. “It’s a rough video. I can’t imagine my child going through something like that.”

The officer had been placed on paid leave pending an investigation, Sheriff Curtis Brame told WRAL on Friday. Goolsby announced his termination on Monday. CNN is attempting to reach out to the resource officer, whom authorities have not publicly identified.Vance County Schools plans to modify its agreement with the sheriff’s office, Superintendent Anthony Jackson said at a Monday press conference. He did not go into detail about what the modifications meant, but said the district will review protocols and procedures and ensure it is using best practices in its agreement with the sheriff’s office.”We are better than this. This child deserved better than this,” Jackson said, adding an apology to the family and community. “We will work tirelessly to ensure that this never happens again to another child in our school system.”

District attorney says officer used inappropriate force

Sheriff Brame told CNN affiliate WNCN-TV that after reviewing the video, he handed the investigation over to the State Bureau of Investigation.District Attorney Michael Waters, whose jurisdiction includes Vance County, told CNN, “This is the first time I have had a school resource officer in a school using force like this on a student.”

“It does not appear from the video that that was an appropriate tactic or police use of force, considering the child’s age and being in school,” Waters said.The boy’s father told CNN he and the boy’s mother are “very upset” about the incident. The sheriff told CNN affiliate WRAL-TV the child was not hospitalized, but he has a bump on his head.The child is expected to follow up with a doctor Monday, an official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.A charging decision against the officer could come as early as this week, according to the official.Brame told WRAL the officer has been with the department for two years and has had no prior incidents that raised concern.Considering the school resource officer does not have a previous record, and if the child does not have severe or lasting injuries, any potential charge may be at minimum a Class A1 misdemeanor, with up to 60 days in jail, according to the official with knowledge of the investigation.

CNN’s Hollie Silverman contributed to this report.